Fohow plant-based massage cream

Price 10€ for 300 ml or 5€ for 150 ml Order

Plant based massage cream. It is made from natural plant extracts combined with a modern scientific formula.

Main ingredients:
wrinkle carrageen extract, aloe extract, castor oil/olive oil ester, avocado fruit oil, trifoliate fruit extract, peony root extract.

Main ingredients: wrinkle carrageen extract, aloe extract, castor oil/olive oil ester, avocado fruit oil, trifoliate fruit extract, peony root extract, etc.
It is made by natural plant extracts combined with modern scientific formula. It penetrates the skin and cares for delicate skin. It can make the skin easy to deal with the external stimuli, restore the soft, delicate, lubricious and elastic as fresh.
PLANT-BASED MASSAGE CREAM is a professional supporting research and development for YANG-SHENG FOHOW MERIDIANS MASSAGER, which can greatly increase the function of YANG-SHENG FOHOW MERIDIANS MASSAGER while nourishing the skin.
YANG SHENG H2 – Healthy and beautiful come from drinking

Ingenuity / rapid electrolysis / high hydrogen concentration / easy to carry / healthy companionship
After years of technical research, FOHOW researchers have finally solved the technical difficulties of low hydrogen solubility in water, difficult to store, and complicated hydrogen production process. Through advanced SPE proton membrane electrolysis, nano-hydrogen evolution alloy technology and quantum technology, they developed the ” YANG SHENG H2″, which produces hydrogen-rich water with high hydrogen concentration and good anti-oxidation effect.
The role of hydrogen-rich water
Hydrogen is one of the strongest antioxidants in nature. It can penetrate cells without any hindrance, enter any part of the nucleus and mitochondria, and selectively neutralize the malignant oxygen free radicals of cells, reducing the production of oxygen free radicals.

Compared with other antioxidants, hydrogen is 176 times that of vitamin C, 290 times that of catechin, 431 times that of vitamin E, and 863 times that of enzyme Q10. Hydrogen-rich water can provide a full range of antioxidant protection for the body, which is characterized by metabolic function repair, immune regulation, elimination of inflammation, improvement of allergies, anti-cancer, anti-aging, beauty
Working Principle                                                                                                
After energization, the hydrogen protons pass through the SPE proton membrane in the form of hydrated ions under the action of the electric field force, and reach the cathode to absorb the electrons to form hydrogen gas, which is discharged from the cathode chamber and enters the water to form hydrogen-rich water; The water is decomposed into negative oxygen ions at the anode, and electrons are emitted through the anode to form oxygen, which is discharged through the vent hole to realize separation of hydrogen and oxygen, and is safe and secure.
Product features:                                                                                       
1. Pen-type appearance, light and compact, only need a cup of water to use, pouring water, cleaning is more convenient.
2. One-button operation, the machine automatically sets the hydrogen production time, and prepares high-concentration hydrogen water in 5 minutes.
3. Automatic constant current design, as long as the water meets drinking hygienic standards can be used.
4.SPE electrolysis technology, hydrogen, oxygen separation; ozone and chlorine gas are discharged through the vent hole, safe and secure.
5. Portable body design, at home, on business trips, office, drink high concentration hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.
6. Low-voltage DC external adapter, 15V safe voltage, suitable for global use.

Pack size: 150 ml or 300 ml