Fohow 3D mattress with magnetic therapy function

3D ciuzinys SU KOR

Price 2600€ 900€

Product Description

The original 15-layer structure, a layer of 3D supports perforated fabric, magnetic layer, infrared, anions protivokleschevye and antifungal function create an atmosphere of healthy sleep.


1. The front side (A): quilted velor with an antibacterial effect and protivokleschevye (The patented design FOHOW) 100% Cotton
2. Separation layer: non-woven fabric
3. Functional layer: functional polyester with infrared function
4. Functional layer: functional polyester ionizing
5. Functional magnetic layer: Refractory cotton non-woven fabric (standard English)
6. Functional layer: magnetic structure of soft magnets
7. The fixed magnetic layer: Refractory cotton non-woven fabric (standard English)
8. Separating layer: non-woven fabric
9. The functional layer: fire-resistant cotton (European Standard BS5828 (0.5m40 #)
10. Filler layer: perforated three-dimensional 3D-fabric
11. Separating layer: non-woven fabric
12. Functional layer: fire-resistant cotton (European standard BS5828 (1m40 #) 100%)
13. Functional layer: ramie (Bomer snow-white)
14. Separating layer: non-woven fabric
15. The bottom layer (B): quilted velor with an antibacterial effect and protivokleschevye (The patented design FOHOW) 100% Cotton


1. Effects of the three-dimensional magnetic field capacity 1700 Gauss can effectively improve the microcirculation of human organs and departments, blood rheology, reduces fatigue, pain and aching muscles.

2. When the contact occurs not function layer piezoelectric and pezotermicheskaya reaction with the human body, ie, formed longwave infrared radiation having a wavelength of 4-14 microns and negatively charged ions. The emissivity of infrared rays exceeds 86%, due to which there is an acceleration of microcirculation in the human skin, accelerates metabolism. The resulting anions make the air cleaner and have an effect on the body alkalization.

3. The fibers are high-tech three-dimensional 3D-fabrics have an X-shaped hollow structure – it is the most perfect natural structure, on each square centimeter which accounts for 40 supporting fibers. The surface of the upper and lower sides of the mattress has a porous structure that allows you to create an aerobic layer of air circulation – because of this, the mattress is well ventilated, it removes moisture, tight to the spine. On a mattress size of 1.5m × 2m is located 1 280 000 Mill. Support fibers, making the human body weight is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the mattress, and also achieved the effect of massage during sleep.

4. When using the 3D mattress increases the flow of blood to the cells of internal organs, with regular long-term use stimulates the immune system and strengthen the body.

5. mercerized cotton – fabric with a unique patented design (4 seasons Yang-sheng), treated with silver ions, whereby the antibacterial and protivokleschevye influence. Fire-resistant cotton in the mattress corresponds to European standards, has an original appearance, comfortable to use, safe.

6. The fabric was created on the basis of knowledge and understanding of traditional Chinese characters of “Huang neytszin” – the first medical treatise on Yang-sheng in China. image design created by artful and skillful combination of symbols yin-yan and U-SIN with FOHOW logo. Currently already received patents on the original appearance of the product.

7. Folding mattress design makes it very convenient to carry.
Standard: 150 * 200CM