New multifunctional Bedding Sets

Price 1265€

Functional Fohow bedding effectively improves the body’s blood microcirculation work improves the quality of sleep, fatigue. Furthermore, stimulates blood circulation, activates the body’s cells, regulates the vegetative nervous system disorders, restores the body’s physical strength, increases the body’s resistance to diseases, to health and support the body’s healing effects cardiovascular system of microcirculation disturbance induced diseases: cardiovascular sequelae, hypertension, insomnia, constipation, peripheral coldness, numbness, etc.

Functional effects:

  • It significantly improves the microcirculation of blood in the human body, provides an effective prophylaxis and acts as an support tool for the treatment of many diseases related to microcirculatory disturbances, such as – cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, tumors, varicose , vasculitis, menstrual pain, and so on.

  • Improves metabolism in the body, removes fatigue, returns physical strength

  • Helps to to store and preserve the heat.

  • 4th Increases cellular activity and the body’s immune system.

  • Opens the energy channels, eliminates the pain.

  • Has bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates swelling.

Exceptional properties of Fohow functional bedding – this is a static massage, therapeutic effects and health through a simple and easy to use, saving time and effort, long-term effect. This is a natural physical therapy without side effects. Linens ensures during sleep, the body’s natural heat of the insulation, do not allow sweat to soak into the mattress fabric, keeps body heat balance, high air permeability, desodorant and antibacterial effects. In normal human body temperature, bedding absorbs and regulates energy from the environment and continuously directs it to the human body. Thus, activated cells and water molecules in the body, improve local blood circulation, normalizes metabolism and improve immune function.

The sheets consist of:

  • Tourmaline – is a natural silicate mineral, which contains a numerous elements such as magnesium, aluminum, iron, boron, and more than ten other trace elements beneficial to the human body. Tourmaline emits long infrared rays that penetrate deep into the tissues of the human body, warms the cells, stimulates blood circulation in the body.

  • Anions, also known as, a negatively charged particles that are vital for our body. Negative oxygen ions (anions) – negatively charged oxygen ion, an atom which has gained one or more electrons. Negative oxygen ions have a comprehensive preventive health effects on the human body. Anions improves function and enhances the efficiency of the brain, increases efficiency, improves quality of sleep, helps the brain tissue oxygen saturation. In addition, based on research results, anions apparently expands blood vessels, removes arterial spasms, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiac muscle power, helps to hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases improvement.

Recommendations for washing:

  • It is recommended to use neutral or soft cleaning supplies, as well as washing-up liquids for delicate washing; it is not recommended to use washing-up liquids with strongly operating chemicals, for example bleaches, chlorine, etc.

  • Washing machine can be used, manual washing and manual spinning is optimum.