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The main component of the product is nattokinase and grape stone extract. The product is in capsules, obtained with the help of the advanced extraction technology and other modern pharmaceutical technologies.

Product form:

Capsules from advanced extraction technology and other modern pharmaceutical technologies.

One package:

120 capsules, 450 mg each.

Usage and dosage:

The dose of the preparation should be increased gradually, beginning the first week with one capsule a day and increase the dose by one capsule per week. The maximum daily rate is 4 capsules.

Prophylactic course:

3-4 months a year with a capsule per day.

Healing course:

Not less than 4 months, from 2 to 4 capsules per day.


The bottle should be stored hermetically closed in a dry, cool place; avoid direct sun rays.


One of the most perspective ways to get new active and harmless natural preparations is the study of the traditional nutrition peoples, which are known for long life expectancy and great health.

In this way it was determined, that the health of the Japanese is associated with soy products used in plenty. Especially useful appeared to be traditional soy product Natto, which the Japanese have been eating for more than 1000 years and which is very good for the health. Natto is obtained fermenting boiled soy beans with useful bacteria – special old sena sticks (Bacillum subtilis Var. Natto) strain. In the meantime the sena stick is intensively multiplying and synthesizing ferment (enzyme) nattokinase, which is related to the useful Natto qualities.

Previously nattokinase was obtained from Natto extract, but presently genetically unmodified bacteria Bacillus subtilus Var. Natto, that grow on genetically unmodified soy, are used for its production.

Doctors have noticed that the Japanese, who regularly use Natto, enjoy a healthy heart and blood vessel system, and their blood even in the elderly age retains normal blood viscosity, which is not prone to coagulation and thrombus formation. Natto has high fibrinolitic activity, is able to dissolve the threads of the fibrin protein, which is responsible for blood coagulation and thrombus formation.

Millions of people all over the world regularly taking the popular anticoagulants – aspirin and its analogs – suffer from bleeding, especially in the digestive tract, Nattokinase is a safer and more effective remedy. Unlike aspirin and other pharmacological measures, nattokinase does not have any side effects and does not cause allergic reactions.

In fact, nattokinase is a natural alternative to aspirin, when it is used for the treatment and prevention of heart and blood vessel diseases. Besides, nattokinase works quite long – 4-8 hours and is not very expensive.

It is very important, that unlike medication, nattokinase, when protecting the vessels from thrombus formation, vessel disturbance and in cases of traumas, does not stop blood from coagulation.

Functional effect:

• Liquefies blood, increases the amount of blood flowing in the vessels, also improves the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and increases the biological access to different inner organs;

• Improves the elasticity of blood vessel walls;

• Hinders thrombus formation and stimulates their dissolution;

• Supports vision;

• Increases the bone density;

• Reduces joints pains, in the cases of joint diseases; reduces joint and muscle pains, in the cases of intensive physical load;

• Reduces lymph viscosity;

• Improves the draining function and organism cleaning;

• Destroys fibrin scurf, that covers oncological cells; this allows the cells – killers to recognize and eliminate cancer cells.

Grape stone extract

Grapes – the oldest cultivated plant in the history of civilization. The grape is also called a “long-livers’ berry”. In the east, mothers, who do not have milk, feed their babies with dried grapes wrapped in soft cloth.

Grape stone extract is the richest in natural bioflavonoid (such as proantocianids and catechins) and a source of irreplaceable fatty acids and vitamins. All this complicated and balanced biocomplex, when positively working on the organism, and especially on heart and blood vessel systems, effectively strengthens hair and nail structures, activates the cell ability to regenerate, supports the good moisture of epidermis and inner skin structures, helps to retain the hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the hydration and elasticity of skin layers and does not let to destroy it.

Bioflavonoids are famous for P-vitamin, regenerating activity, slow down aging processes, resist the inflammation process development, and neutralize free radical working.

Polyunsaturated acids, present in the grape stone composition, activate lipid circulation and restore barrier epidermis functions. It helps to retain and restore collagen – the main joint, bone and connective tissue – fibers.

Collagen is the main protein in the human organism: collagen makes up one third of all proteins, 80% of which is present in the skin. With time, collagen content in the organism is gradually reduced; this is especially typical to skin cells. When the collagen layer stops functioning and is unable to retain moisture in the skin, it becomes dry.

Polyfenols reduce intoxicating processes, slow down all the organism’s and skin aging processes; increase the vessel elasticity and tonicity, they are effective in the prevention of atherosclerosis and hypertonic disease, they have anti inflammation, detoxicating and anti-allergic effect.

Grape stone proantocianids are recognized as one of the most effective natural antioxidants. In their effectiveness they exceed vitamin E by 50 times, and vitamin C by 20 times. They increase the blood vessel rigidity and elasticity; reduce the threat of thrombus formation.

Quencetin is able to suppress the carcinogens, thus hindering the DNA deformation. It has antichloristic, antibacterial, antifungal, antivirus effect, stimulates the immune system and reduce the allergic reactions. Grape stone extract also has an ability to clean the blood and toxic substances.