Sanitary pads and bags

Day-time use (4 packs) & Night-time use (2packs)

Day-time use – 4 packs, 10 per pack

Night-time use – 2 packs, 8 per pack

Price 23€

Sanitary pads

6 packs, 30 per pack
Price 24€

Our sanitary pads are divided into daytime-use / night-use and every day sanitary pads. They are high-tech and patented menstrual health and hygiene supplies for females which combine physical effects of nano-silver ions, infrared and negative ion together. All these products are green natural, healthy and safe with unique efficacies of being antibacterial, dispelling peculiar oder, promoting the micro-circulation and maintaining the micro-ecological balance of body.

Functional effects: nano-silver ions and far infrared effect, generate the negative ions, antibacterial and dispel peculiar smell, promote the micro-circulation, maintain the micro-ecological balance of body. Gifts in each pack of product: vaginal test card (apply the vaginal secretions on the test paper with cotton swab; compare with the color card under normal light after 30 seconds, then you will reach a conclusion.

Main materials: three-in-one function chip, perforated non-woven fabrics, macromolecule composite paper, dust-free paper, permeability back film, food-grade adhesive, non-fluorescent release paper.

First option: Day-time use (4 packs) & Night -time use (2packs)

Second option: Sanitary pads (6 packs)