Aromatic Essential Oil Patch

Where is the pain, there is the patch! Where is the patch, there is no pain!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a method of external therapy where the surface of the body is used to treat internal diseases. The doctrine is based on meridians and acupuncture points associated with certain internal organs. TCM always talks about the importance of Yin and Yang balance.

There are two types of patches in the product package and each of them has its own characteristics. You can stick these patches on certain parts of the body, and the medicinal components will penetrate the body through the acupuncture points and regulate the internal organs, restoring well-being, relieving inflammation and pain. The effect of the patches is primarily aimed at clearing the meridians. They differ in color, you will not confuse them. For example, for chronic joint problems, it is best to use in sequence: Yang during the day and YIN at night.

Fantastically used together: BEM massage, energy balm and new patches. Each pack contains 10 Yang (warming) and 10 Yin (cooling) patches. The package is for 1 course lasting 10 days.

Fohow patch with warming effect Ingredients: medical elastic tissue, dragon tree sap, safflower, frankincense, myrrh sap, scorpion, scolopendra, gentian root, stephania root, etc.

Fohow patch with cooling effect Ingredients: medical elastic tissue, methyl lactate, Chinese angelica, lactiflora peonies, wintergreen essential oil, gentian root, stephania root, etc. Contraindications: allergy to components.

Pregnant women and small children use with caution.

In today’s fast moving society, there is a constant stress, a large deficit of physical activity. We spend all day at a computer screen or TV, and therefore often suffer from insomnia, neurasthenia, headache, cervical, lumbar, and other symptoms. This seriously affects the health and if the situation continues for a long time, this leads to depression and anxiety.

According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), slices of aromatic essential oils regulates and harmonizes the internal and external environment of the human body. The principle of the use of vegetable oils have a positive impact on, increased energy and “Qi” regulate “qi” of the blood, restoring the function of meridians, balance yin and yang, to achieve harmony of body, both inside and outside.

Nano-material The patch of aromatic essential oils, it emits infrared rays of the long-term (4-14 microns), known as the “light of life”, contributing to significant improvements in the micro-circulation of human body, with double the influence of essential oils opens the human acupuncture points, penetrating the skin to a depth of 8 – 12 cm.

For the production of aromatic essential oils are used latest nano-materials. They have a unique feature: when the outside temperature of 37.00 C and above, nano fabric automatically starts to dissipate the wave length of infrared rays.

Essential oils – the type of botanical extract of the flowers, leaves, seeds or bark of a tree that does not contain any minerals, and other synthetic materials, as well as having variable flavor, so pure essential oils. Set includes vitamins, natural antibiotics, pheromones, etc. They are colorless and have a strong odor.

Plant essential oils have nine main functions. Essential Oil – a plant extract, is the most delicate and soft natural substance.

The use of essential oils helps influence the metabolism and cell regeneration, as well as:

For purification and regeneration of tissues.

Helps the skin and connective tissue

Aids circulation of venous and arterial blood;

Helps lymphatic circulation,

Helps the muscle tissue;

Helps the nerve tissue of the spinal cord

Improves the regeneration of nerve fibers, which accelerates the growth of nerve tissue

Normalizes the function of internal organs

Improves the function of endocrine and exocrine glands.

Headache: – Restores microcirculation in the head, improves immunity, relieves fatigue, provides a clear effect on insomnia, neurasthenia, restless sleep, dizziness, headache.

The pain of the shoulder: – Stabilizes micro-circulation in the shoulders, reduces or eliminates the symptoms of pain in the shoulder at various inflammations.

Low back pain: -Stabilized micro-circulation in the lumbar area, softens and eliminates symptoms such as pain and restores function of the vertebrae, etc., has a great therapeutic effect applied to the vertebrae of the spine, also restores the function of the gastrointestinal tract, spleen, pancreas.

Cervical pain: -Completely restores micro-circulation in the cervical spine, which significantly reduces or eliminates pain in the neck.

Treatment of interest: -Swelling and removes toxins from the body, increases the permeability of the meridians, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, relieves fatigue.

Patches have the ability of: Removal of fluid inflammation, acting analgesic, improve cross meridians suppress fever treat rheumatism, arthritis. remove toxins from the body, increase the permeability of the meridians, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, relieve fatigue. increased cell viability and immune system, gives you energy. slimming support (removes free radicals, burns fat and controls fat storage)

Method of application:

Apply to the affected area, helps ease the pain Do not use on wounds, use caution in diseases of the skin Not recommended for patients with skin allergies Use immediately after unsealing Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Package contents: One package contains 20 pieces.

Price 49€