Fohow Thermoinfrared massager TIM

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Thermo infrared massager TIM FOHOW is one of the most popular modern massagers, which uses one of the eight therapeutic methods of TCM, which has been used in China since ancient times. The product implements the basic health concepts of medicine, namely: infrared light therapy; thermotherapy; magnetotherapy.

Main health benefits:

  • Body shaping

  • Improved skin condition

  • Prevention of aging

  • Activation of metabolic processes

  • Balance of work of all internal organs

  • Vessel cleansing

  • Spinal alignment

  • Removes blood congestion

  • Removes toxins

4 directions of action of the TIM thermo-infrared massager: improved blood circulation, increased blood supply by 10-15% cleansing blood vessels, oxygenating the blood normalization of acid-base balance.

The principle of operation of the thermocapsule consists in the emission of infrared waves, which emit heating conductors made of carbon fiber. The magnetic field is obtained due to the energy materials of the device, which contributes to the ionization of the body, improving blood supply. The effect of the procedures occurs almost immediately after using the capsule.

The effectiveness of using the infrared capsule through thermoregulation helps to purify the blood, as well as accelerate circulation, the spine is aligned, and in the case of using the capsule in tandem with Fohow “Herbal oil” essential oil, the acid-base balance is restored, the condition improves during physical exertion, the figure is corrected and the condition improves significantly skin.

The Fohow Energy Thermal Capsule is a passive way to achieve health without the use of physical activity. The massager evenly distributes heat energy throughout the body. It remains only to relax and enjoy the procedure! Just half an hour of using the capsule is comparable to jogging for 10-15 kilometers. This allows you to burn subcutaneous fat without feeling stress from physical exertion and stuffiness from high temperatures. The massager is great for use with general overwork of the body, insomnia (or poor sleep quality), disruption of the nervous and digestive systems.

How to use Using the capsule is very simple: Put the thermocapsule on a vertical surface: bed, massage table. Expand. Usage time: 20-50 minutes (one session). If it is possible to use the capsule together with a bioenergy massager, then the effect will be even increased! First go one session in a thermocapsule, you will instantly feel the effect of heat on the meridians. This will remove the cold, toxins and dampness from the body. The combination of TIM and BEM should not be used for more than 50 minutes.

The main advantages of the capsule: simplicity and ease of use; separate control of the cover and support panel of the capsule; wireless remote control; intelligent control of the intensity of the temperature regime.

Thermo infrared massager TIM FOHOW is a modern, simple way to improve the body, based on ancient traditions and secrets of Chinese medicine.