Fohow bioenergetical massager 3rd generation

YANG-SHENG Fohow Meridians Massager 3.0 Order

Quickly, safely and effectively open up the meridians to make your blood flow smoother and make you healthier
The operation is simple, everyone can learn, and once you learn, you will truly create a new era of family therapy.

“Unblocked, there is no pain; there is pain, somewhere  is not unblocked.”
All diseases are caused because the meridians are not unblocked.
Chinese medicine regulates various diseases by making the meridians unblocked.

It is the essence of Chinese medicine culture for thousands of years. It integrates acupuncture, massage, scraping, cupping and moxibustion, and it is green, safe and efficient product.
It is based on traditional Chinese medicine meridian science and modern physiology, and is developed by using bio-wave, variable-pressure frequency conversion technology, ultrasonic technology, new material technology, etc.
It acts on the acupoints of the human body through specific physiotherapy methods, and can instantly make the meridians unblocked, the method is simple, and the effect is obvious;

Do not take medicine, do not take injections, no trauma, no pain. It is a kind of happiness therapy that integrates health, health care and conditioning diseases;
Fast, safe and effective, the body’s meridians are unblocked, the body’s blood are unblocked , and the balance of viscera and yin and yang is achieved, achieving the purpose of health, health care and conditioning;
It is easy to operate, easy to learn, and makes TCM health easy and effective. It is a rare and convenient home physiotherapy instrument that truly creates a new era of family therapy.

It‘s suitable for the following people: the elderly, middle-aged, adolescents, children; white-collar workers, housewives, business people, retired people

Do a meridian physiotherapy, equivalent to 10 full body massages
Do a meridian physiotherapy, equivalent to 45 minutes of lymphatic detoxification
Do a meridian physiotherapy, equivalent to 1 hour systemic meridian dredge
Do a meridian treatment, equivalent to reduce the fat for running 6 km
Do a meridian physiotherapy, equivalent to 3 times body whitening hydration
Do a meridian physiotherapy, equivalent to absorb 3 hours of negative oxygen ions
Do a meridian physiotherapy, equivalent to cell movement 36 million times
Do a meridian physiotherapy, equivalent to exhaust 4.1 grams of visceral toxins

Suitable scope:
Health, rehabilitation, physical therapy; beauty, body, foot therapy, weight loss, health; insomnia, cervical spondylosis, low back and leg pain, lumbar disc herniation, spinal injury, frozen shoulder, arthritis, Rheumatism and rheumatoid, gout, stroke, hemiplegia, tinnitus, facial paralysis, numbness of hands and feet, brain atrophy, benign tumors, stones, male and female diseases, myopia, psoriasis, etc.

 Eight major functions:
1. Excrete Toxins And Purify Blood
2. Promote Blood Circulation
3. Activate Metabolism
4. Activate Cells, Enhance Immunity, Improve The Body’s Natural Self-Healing Power
5. Swelling And Pain, Strengthen The Bones
6. Regulate The Autonomic Nerves, Promote Sleep
7. Regulate Endocrine, Body Shaping Beauty
8. Make The Meridian Smooth, Blood Circulation

Price 1958€