Functional shoulder pads Fohow

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Product Description

The twenty-first century – the computer, with the result – a million people experience chronic neck and shoulder pain areas. A new kind of functional shoulders combines sage and infrared warming effect on the body through meridians. Prolonged use has a therapeutic effect.


Relieves pain, provide comfort;
Especially efficient continuous heating;
Dual heat and moksoterapijos effects;
Available power supply assistance;
The ability to adjust the size;
The ability to change aroma microchip.


1. Aroma microchip put into a mesh pocket, replace the cap and wear on the shoulder. Connect the adapter.
2. Turn on and simmer, gradually increasing the temperature. If too hot, turn off, but do not remove from the shoulder, leave for 3-5 minutes and then take off.


When cleaning the device, do not plug it!
Do not touch with wet hands!
Clean the product dry, soft cloth, do not use any detergents!

1. If the product is very dirty, moisten the cloth with water or a 3% – 5% neutral detergent, wring the cloth and then wipe the product.
2. Dry the product with a soft, dry cloth.
3. Wait until completely dry.
4. After use, wait until the device has cooled down to room temperature and then fold it to its home position.
5. It is recommended every three months to replace aromachipą.
6. Any unused aromachipą stored in a dry, dark, cool place.
7. If the product is not used for a long time, keep aromachipą separately from the product.


Aroma chip can be used for about three months when used daily from 1 to 15 minutes once a day. After three months of use, change aromachipą.
In order to avoid risks to the user due to incorrect use of the device, please read the following precautions:

1. Make sure you pulled the device from the socket when not in use. It is forbidden to forcibly pull the cord.
2. Turn off the product after use. Before removing the product from the shoulder, turn off and remove the plug from the socket. If the product is not used for a long time, keep it in the package.
3. Protect the product and the connector against moisture and liquid.
4. Do not use the shower and other damp places, it can cause a short circuit and damage the product.
5. Do not put the product near the fire and hot places. Do not use combustible places.
6. Using the product always check the temperature, turn off the power source to prevent burns.
7. When using the device is prohibited to use any other means (creams, patches) heated area.
8. If the device is split, stop using it immediately and contact the service center for the replacement of the product.
9. Not destroy.
10. Do not use while sleeping.
11. Do not use needles or other metal objects fastening device.
12. Do not allow children to use.
13. Do not use in places where there are unhealed wounds. For allergic people to use caution.
14. Before using the device should drink plenty of warm boiled water, after use of the product in all cells of the body will take place in the regulatory processes, so two hours after use, please refrain from the shower and cold food.


  • Product size: 102-110mmH54MM

  • Technical data:

  • Rated voltage: 12V

  • Rated current: 1.2

  • Rated power: 13W

  • Supported temperature: 55-60 ℃