Polypeptide Rejuvenating Complex “Multi-Peptide Serum” Professional Care

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Polypeptides are active components that act on cellular structures. Polypeptides are very useful for aging skin with signs of aging. Polypeptides catalyze the synthesis of collagen and elastin structural skin proteins, which are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Polypeptides help to slow down the appearance of age-related changes, keeping the skin fresh and toned. These substances help prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and smooth existing ones. Some polypeptides have a “Botox effect” and can even affect the creases formed due to active facial expressions. The polypeptides also have an effect on the synthesis of melanin and thus protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and the manifestation of hyperpigmentation.

    • Accurate, targeted delivery of active ingredients to the deep layers of the skin;

    • Transdermal adsorption, retention of nutrients on the skin.

    • Raw materials are imported from France and have French and European Union organic certificates;

    • Absolutely safe product without chemical additives.

Products included in the set:

  1. Polypeptide Repair Serum No. 1 (net volume: 10 ml x 10);

  2. Polypeptide Repair Serum No. 2 (net volume: 10 ml x 10);

  3. Polypeptide Recovery Fluid (net volume: 10 ml x 7);

  4. Accessories (2).

Mode of application:

Step 1 (Polypeptide Repair Serum No. 1): Apply the required amount of Serum No. 1 to the skin of the face, massage in a circular motion from the bottom up until completely absorbed.

Step 2 (Polypeptide Repair Serum No. 2): Apply the required amount of Serum No. 2 to the skin of the face, massage until completely absorbed (for better results, you can use a beauty device).

Step 3 (Polypeptide Revitalizing Fluid): Apply fluid to the skin of the face, lightly massage with fingertips in areas of small wrinkles or age spots.

Step 4 You can also apply products on the skin of the neck to moisturize and reduce fine lines.

Note: If your skin is dry and your makeup is difficult to apply, you can dilute Serum #1 with makeup base or foundation to help hold your makeup and prevent it from flaking.