Faradization Thermal Belts

Faradization Thermal Belts – are “know-how” in physiotherapy. This unique product is the result of very serious scientific research of corporation “Fohow” specialists.

The belts are produced from a very special material, that contains finely shredded with the help of nanotechnologies low power magnets and minerals (over fifty of them), placed according to the principles of acupuncture, stimulating the points located along different meridians.

So the basis of the faradizations thermal belt is made up from: a layer of some special material with half precious minerals inserted (the main role is played by nephrite), there are some among them of meteorite origin, which are able to radiate infrared rays, and low power magnets, located in a special way. The use of magnets and large amounts of finely shredded precious minerals made it possible to reveal the effect of the latter in the range of the cell “wave” length and ensure stable and deep heating. The heat penetrates inside up to 14 cm and is felt for several hours.

The belts are estimated for a long usage – up to 5000 hours! If the belt is moistened up it is recommended to wear it for 15-30 minutes twice a day. It is not recommended to use moistened belt for more than 3 hours, in this case there is no feeling of burning.

The belts combine all the best reflex therapy, physiotherapy, mineral therapy, magneto therapy and infrared sauna features, without any power supply. When purchasing the faradization thermal belt you acquire the whole physiotherapy office at your home.

The unique feature of corporation “Fohow” recommended belts is that they offer a possibility to approach the backache syndrome and knee problems in a complex way, provide a curative effect to the whole body.