Bio-induction Thermal Waist Protector

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Effects and usage:

1. Improves blood circulation in the waist area. Recommended for lumbar muscle damage. Relieves pain and “breaking” feeling in the waist radiculitis area. Moisten, rapidly suppresses radiculitis acute attacks. It is also recommended for spinal injuries, midvertebral herniation, osteoarthritis, inflammation of the intercostal nerve.

2. Enhances intestinal peristalsis.

3. Improves renal function. Shall be applied under these disorders: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, impotence, infertility, adneksit. Reduces pain in lower abdomen during painful menstruation and other gynecological inflammatory diseases.

4. Gastro-intestinal diseases: gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis and others.

5. Heart and cardiovascular diseases.

6. Helps reduce accumulation of fat at waist and abdomen. Improves the shape.

Application Instruction:

Attach the Bio-induction Thermal Waist Protector cloth directly on the waist or stomach, tightness decides the effectiveness, two times per day and three hours for each time. It is normal when a small number of people with sensitive skin feel burning, it will not injure skin, and user can shorten the time of wearing according to his or her situation.


People with local skin damaged are forbidden to use. Patient equipped with cardiac pacemakers, insulin pump and other electronic equipments are prohibited. Pregnant women or women in lactating period must not use it. Patients with cancers or critical patients must not use it. People of allergic constitution please use it with caution.

Product features:

Try our product on the spot and find your personal experiences of its excellent and immediate results. Integrate the effects of far infrared ray, negative ion and magnetic resonance, and the longer usage brings a good long-term effect. Beautiful and comfortable to wear, ready to be used at any time, has no affect to work, life and study. Hi-tech compounded weaving materials, health-caring with no side effects.

Product Maintenance:

Biological induction area (refers to the picture) should be wiped with wet soft cloth, the other areas can be cleaned with water, all kinds of detergent are forbidden, kneading and sun exposure should be forbidden and it should be dried in shady places and stored avoiding the light.

Functional Principle:

Using varieties of gemstones leveled nano-sized fined pollen, then special recipe and advanced workmanship to construct energy reactor to concentrate energy. Make full use of these three natural power, using medical and bioenergetics principles, and combine them efficiently. On the surface of the waist protecting cloths, energy-concentrating reactors form and they emit polymer energy consisting of far-infrared radiation, negative ions and magnetic energy, activated by the stimulations of thermoelectric effect and piezoelectric effect, which is coupled with multi-shot energy-rich medical magnetic rays, permeating human skin and producing deep biological effect on human cells, and thus it can prevent diseases and protect health and heal patients.