Fohow ABC natural fruit smoothies


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ABC-smoothie: take your age and weight under control!

ABC smoothie is a new Fohow product helping to detoxify your body, to clean the digestive tract, to improve the quality of your blood, to normalize weight, to make your skin better. It also helps to form healthy eating habits.

Fohow experts have come up with a special program “Fohow fitness” to heal the body with a ABC-smoothies complex. The experts recommend taking it for 90 days, in accordance with the theory of cyclical recovery and renewal of cells in the body. This will allow you to be healthy, active and energetic, preserve youth and beauty, to find a new life.

Taking ABC-smoothies and participation in “Fohow Fitness” allows you to:

– Be completely healthy, forget about doctors and medical preparations;
– Have a slender, toned and sexy figure;
– Make the skin taut and smooth, young and beautiful;
– Make a lot of friends, a successful career, to realize your dreams.

For maximum results in detoxification and rejuvenation of your body the right approach to taking the complex is needed:

Changing Diet:
3-5 days prior to taking ABC-smoothie complex slightly reduce the amount of food consumed daily. Recommended diet should consist mainly of fruits and vegetables.

Taking the complex:
For 90 days replace your evening meal by ABC-smoothie complexs and do daily physical exercises.

Getting back to normal diet:
For 2-3 days after “Fohow Fitness” program your diet should mainly consist of easily digestible foods (eg, mashed potatoes and cereals). Gradual transition to your eating habits is required.

Attention! It is not recommended to losing weight with “Fohow Fitness” in the following cases:

– During pregnancy and lactation;
– For teenagers in the period of active growth;
– During recovery after surgical intervention;
– For disabled people;
– People weighing less than 40 kg (thin, emaciated constitution)
– People with severe mental disorders, complex gastrointestinal diseases and other serious illnesses.