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Through applying herbalist doctors’ theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the theory of healthcare culture on the basis of three healthcare ideologies, and following the “Three principles for product development”.

FOHOW Group has developed and produced more than ten varieties of excellent healthcare food which belong to three series – “Regulating, clearing and nourishing”.

They include Fohow Oral Liquid, Three-treasure Oral Liquid, Three-clearing Oral Liquid, Sea Cal., Clossy Ganoderma Capsule, Xueqingfu Capsule, Rose Oligose, and Six-ingredient Tea, etc.

Special emphasis was given on the development of products which make use of the extraordinary beneficial effects of curative fungi macromycete cell substance, particularly that of Cordyceps sinensis which can be found in the Qinghai mountain range of Tibet.

The long history of Cordyceps tells of how it was used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for energy, enhanced libido, sports and work performance.

Main Applications:

The medicinal mushroom Cordyceps sinensis has gained wide popularity and is used for its health-promoting qualities, therefore is seen to assist with:

  • Vitality

  • Energy

  • Libido

  • Immune enhancement

  • Adrenal insufficiency

In addition, Fohow Group has developed a variety of beautifying products which have the efficacy of mental healthcare as well as functional textile products and healthcare apparatus which have the efficacy of healthcare via behavior.

Featuring remarkable effect, pollution-free property, safety, possession of self-own intellectual property rights as well as such formulas and technics as hard to be imitated, these products have earned favorable comments and acquired distinct market effect at home and abroad.